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Signing up
You can create your account clicking the link Sign up in the login box. After entering an user name, your email address and a password and confirming the terms of use, a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail box. Tis mail contains a link to activate your account. Once your account has been activated you can log in and start to configure your personal web portal.

Login and logout
In the login box you can log in to your account or log out. To log in you need to enter your mail address and your password. Activate the checkbox Remember me if you want to stay logged in.
Attention: Never activate Remember me, if other persons have access to the same computer! If you have lost your password, click the link Forgot the password to request direct access to your account. After entering your mail address, you will receive a message containing an access link will be sent to your mail box. Once you are logged in, edit your profile to enter a new password.
After logging in your personal web portal will be opened automatically.
In the options menu you can logout clicking the symbol .

How to make PersStart your browser's home page
To open your personal web portal immediately every time you start your browser, you should make your browser's home page. Below I will explain how to configure the most popular browsers to open your portal at startup:

Internet Explorer
In the menu Tools select Internet options. In the tab General enter in the field Home page and click the botton OK.

Google Chrome
Click the wrench icon and select Options. In the tab Basics enter as home page and close the dialog clicking the button Close.

Mozilla Firefox
In the menu Tools select Options. In the tab Main enter as home page and click the button OK.

Help system Navigation Tabs
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