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Groups Navigation Options

PersStart helps you to organize your links. You can assign to every group as many links as you want. By clicking on a link the linked page will open in your browser. In this manner you have a very quick access to your favorite pages.

Organize links

Link information
Once you have entered a link description, the information symbol is visible at the right side of the link. Moving the mouse pointer over this symbol, the description of the link is shown as a tooltip.

Once you have opened the configuration menu you will see the following symbols to organize the link:

Move link one position up
Moves the link one position up in the list.
Move link one position down
Moves the link one position down in the list.
Edit link
Here you can change the name, the address and the description of the link.
If the checkbox Open in new window is activated, a new browser window will open when you click on the link.
Using the corresponding combobox you can move the link to another group of any tab.
Delete link
Serves to delete the link

Groups Navigation Options
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