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At the left side of your personal web portal, below the tab menu, resides the options menu. Here you can change the basic configuration of your portal and profile settings. Besides there are the symbols to access the message center and the help system.

The options menu
In the options menu you can find the following symbols:

Edit options
Here you can change the following settings:
Choose the language you prefere
Ask me before deleting
Every time you want to delete a link, a group or a tab, you will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the corresponding object, if this checkbox is activated. In this way it can be avoided to delete anything unintentionally. However this question can be annoying if you want to delete many objects reorganizing your personal portal. In this case you can deactivate this option.
Objects with content can be deleted
With this option you can delete groups and tabs with content. You shouldn't activate this checkbox in the long run.
Edit user data
Here you can change your user name and your password. Leave the password fields empty, if you just want to change your user name.
Message center
In the message center you can administrate the messages you have received. We distinguish the following types of messages:
System messages
These are messages about changes or instructions.
Group suggestions
Once somebody has sent a group suggestion to you, you will receive a corresponding message.

Depending on the message type you can execute certain actions:
Hide message
This action is available for all message types and hides the corresponding message.
Read message
This action is only available for system messages.
Import group
This action is only available for group suggestions. After selecting a tab the group will be imported tu your portal.
Clicking on this symbol you can access the help system of PersStart. To return to your personal web portal click on the link My Web Portal in the Login box.
Here you can log out from your account. You should always log out if other people have access to the computer. You don't want them to change your settings.

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