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Introduction Navigation Groups

The tabs are arranged at the left side of your personal portal. They will help you to organize your links on several pages. The first time you log in a tab named Main tab is created.

Manage tabs
In the tab menu you can find the following symbols to organize your tabs:

Move tab one position up
Moves the selected tab one position up.
Move tab one position down
Moves the selected tab one position down.
Edit tab
Opens a page to change the tab's name.
Delete tab
Deletes the selected tab. If this symbol is gray, the selected tab can't be deleted.This can have the following reasons:
You have already assigned groups to this tab and the option Objects with content can be deleted is not activated (see Options).
It's the only tab. There must be at least one tab.
Add new tab
After entering the tab name a new tab is created.
Add new group
After entering the group name and an optional description a new group is created.

Introduction Navigation Groups
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