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15.11.2010 Version 2.2
With this version it's possible to collect PersStart coins. You'll receive these coins by using and promoting the service of PersStart. The PersStart shop will open presumably in january 2011 offering the first products.

10.10.2010 Version 2.1
The most important changes of this version: It's possible now to publicate groups and to search for publicated groups. You can import or subscribe to publicated groups. Subscribed groups will be actualized automatically, once the editor has changed them.

14.09.2010 Version 2.0
After more then three weeks the moment has come. Version 2.0.0 of PersStart is online. Of course I'm glad about any feedback to

21.08.2010 Recommencement
I've decided to redevelop the whole platform PersStart. Some features like selecting fonts and colors won't exist in the first version, but there will be a lot of new functions and the administration will be much easier.
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